Journey Thru Genesis

Journey Thru Genesis

Christ commands that we go and make disciples (Matt. 28:19). Discipleship is a lifelong process for every Christian, and not just for the new believer. Out of your love and obedience to the Lord, commit to a Bible study this Sunday with us or at one of our other times and locations. Journey Thru Genesis is an in-depth study of each chapter of the first book of the Bible. 

Understanding and accepting the foundational premises and principles established in Genesis is crucial to understanding the rest of the Bible. Mrs. Sigrid Goff is the class facilitator. We meet each Sunday morning at 9:30 AM at our Community Cafe room. 

The class is open to adults and youth. Except during times of church fasting, we enjoy our fellowship around coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and donuts. The table below shows the title of each lesson that we plan to cover. Some lessons have taken two weeks. Come and study with us. Previous study guides are available for participants upon request and will be available online soon. 

Lesson Outline
1 In the Beginning 
2 Who Am I? 
3 The Fall 
4 Altars, Anger, and Other Choices 
5 A New Hope 
6 The Coming Storm 
7 Salvation through Water 
8 The Dove and the Olive Branch 
9 God’s Promise & Plan 
10 The Table of Nations 
11 Babel, Shem and Abraham 
12 God calls Abram 
13 Abram & Lot Separate 
14 Abram rescues Lot 
15 God cuts a covenant with Abram 
16 Hagar and Ishmael 
17 The Covenant of Circumcision 
18 The Lord Visits 
19 Lot rescued from Sodom 
20 Abraham and Abimelek 
21 Isaac, Ishmael, and Beersheba 
22 The Lord Provides 
23 Abraham buys a Burial Plot 
24 Isaac and Rebekah 
25 Jacob and Esau 
26 Isaac and Abimelek 
27 Jacob takes Esau’s Blessing 
28 Jacob’s Vow 
29 Jacob vs. Laban 
30 Jacob’s Kids and Flocks 
31 Jacob Flees Laban 
32 Jacob contends with God & Man 
33 Jacob Meets Esau 
34 Jacob’s Sons Strike Shechem 
35 Your Name will be Israel 
36 Esau’s Descendants 
37 Joseph’s Dreams 
38 Judah and Tamar 
39 Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife 
40 The Cupbearer and the Baker 
41 Joseph, the Prime Minister of Egypt 
42 Joseph’s Brothers Go to Egypt 
43 The Second Journey to Egypt
44 A Silver Cup in a Sack 
45 Joseph Makes Himself Known 
46 Jacob Goes to Egypt 
47 Jacob Blesses Pharaoh 
48 Manasseh and Ephraim 
49 Jacob Blesses His Sons 
50 God’s Good Intent 



The Flood

The Birth of Nations




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